What's The Difference Between Cryo & Cold Water Therapy?

Cold water therapy and cryotherapy have become popular wellness practices. Although both involve exposing the body to cold temperatures, they differ in several ways. This article will highlight the differences between the two therapies and why cold water therapy is better for mental health and wellness.

Cold Water Therapy vs. Cryotherapy: Cold water therapy involves submerging the body in cold water, typically between 50-60°F, for a set period. Cryotherapy, on the other hand, involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures, typically below -200°F, for a shorter duration, usually 2-4 minutes.

Benefits of Cold Water Therapy for Mental Health and Wellness: Cold water therapy provides several benefits for mental health and wellness, including:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety
  2. Improved mood and energy levels
  3. Enhanced immune function
  4. Better sleep quality
  5. Reduced inflammation and muscle soreness
  6. Increased alertness and mental clarity
  7. Improve blood circulation 

Cold Water Therapy vs. Cryotherapy - Comparison Table

Cold Water Therapy Cryotherapy
Temperature 50-60°F -200°F
Duration Set period (typically longer) Shorter duration (usually 2-4 minutes)
Benefits Reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood and energy levels, enhanced immune function, better sleep quality, reduced inflammation and muscle soreness, increased alertness and mental clarity. Reduced inflammation, pain relief, improved athletic performance
Equipment Accessible, only requires a tub of cold water Expensive, requires specialized equipment (e.g., cryosauna)
Safety concerns Minimal, although caution is advised for those with medical conditions or extremely low body fat Potential for frostbite and other adverse effects, must be supervised by a trained professional


 While both cold water therapy and cryotherapy involve exposing the body to cold temperatures, they differ in several ways. Cold water therapy is accessible, affordable, and provides numerous benefits for mental health and wellness, while cryotherapy is more expensive and primarily used for pain relief and athletic performance. Overall, cold water therapy is a safe and effective way to improve mental and physical well-being.