To Be Healthier In 2023? Here Are 5 Resolutions

To Be Healthier In 2023? Here Are 5 Resolutions

"As an athlete, it's important to constantly strive for improvement and have a clear plan for maximizing physical performance. With the new year underway, now is a great time to set your health and fitness resolutions, including boosting athletic performance. Here are some resolutions that may inspire you and help you achieve your goals.

  1. Variety in Workouts

Incorporating different types of physical activities into your routine can prevent boredom and keep your body and mind engaged. Your body can get used to the same exercises, which can plateau performance, so switch up your movements to enhance fitness and reduce injury. Try a new workout once a week, learn a new sport, or train for a marathon or triathlon.

  1. Regular Ice Baths

Ice baths help reduce stress and inflammation, improve recovery time, and increase muscle strength and endurance. They also enhance mental and physical resilience. Start with one 2-minute ice bath a week and gradually increase the frequency and duration.

  1. More Time in Nature

Being in nature has numerous benefits for both mental and physical health, including reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Aim to spend at least 120 minutes in nature each week and increase your outdoor time as you become more comfortable.

  1. Tracking and Measuring Performance

Measuring and tracking your physical performance is crucial for hitting your goals and understanding what works and what doesn't. Regular tracking will help you see your progress and stay motivated.

  1. Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for overall health, including athletic performance. Improve your sleep by reducing screen time before bed, minimizing light pollution in your bedroom, cutting back on caffeine, and setting a bedtime routine. Consider taking an ice bath before bed to enhance sleep quality.

By following these resolutions, you can enhance your recovery and athletic performance this year. Incorporating ice bathing into your routine can be a powerful tool for hitting new personal heights."

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