Looking Your Best and Feeling Even Better

Looking Your Best and Feeling Even Better

Do you ever feel as if you're wasting your potential? With the obligations that come with modern life, it's not uncommon to feel that you don't have time to work on yourself. What follows are a few strategies from Alora to start taking better care of your body and mind so you can look and feel your best.




You should start by making sure your home will facilitate your self-improvement journey. Cluttered spaces and drab, depressing decor will make it difficult to focus on your goals and can put others living with you on edge as well. Keep a clean space with a bright, stimulating design to keep you comfortable and on task, and be sure to let some fresh air in every once in a while. If maintaining your space is one of your challenges, set up a written chore list with the other members of your household. 


If you're starting a new hobby, consider dedicating an entire room to the practice if you can. Eating right could mean a kitchen overhaul. If your goal is to get more exercise, you may want to set up a home gym as long as you have the space for it. Whatever your ultimate goal is, be sure your home is catered to accomplishing it.


Keep in mind that freelancers often bear the sole responsibility of ensuring their health and well-being, including securing adequate health insurance. That's why it's so important to keep up with regular doctor visits and to track your medical history. Doing so can protect you from costly healthcare bills down the line and allow you to get ahead of any potential issues before they arise.


With the help of the online healthcare exchange, freelancers can find affordable coverage tailored specifically for their needs. Make sure you put your health first by keeping up with regular doctor visits as well as looking into different insurance options on the healthcare exchange.




Whether your goal is getting in shape, starting a dream business, or finally focusing on a special interest, self-improvement starts with getting your mental health situated. Live Science points out that your mental health can have direct, measurable effects on your physical health.


Jobs tend to be the largest stressor in people's lives, so make sure you've examined your work-life balance. Leave work at work, take time off whenever you feel you need it, and remember that your job probably needs you more than you need it. A career change may be in order if your job leaves no time for yourself.


Stress can be a good motivator, but when left unchecked it can make it difficult or even impossible to take action. Work on self-care by finding time to relax, meditate, or go for walks. Make sure to treat yourself (within reason) every once in a while. Mindful Health Solutions notes that the social stigma associated with therapy is beginning to evaporate, and even healthy minds can benefit from professional help. Whatever self-care looks like for you, don't let society tell you you're wrong for prioritizing your own needs.




The relationship between mental and physical health operates both ways. This goes for cold water therapy, too. As Everyday Health points out, cold “water therapy is the use of water to promote health or manage disease [and] using cold water therapy on a regular basis may also have long-term benefits for your heart and blood vessels.” Check out the Alora Recovery Pod, the world's first fully portable and affordable ice bath solution.


In addition, whether in your home or at a gym or yoga studio, regular exercise releases reward chemicals in your brain, improving your mood just by staying active. Once you've gotten over the initial slump, becoming active will keep you motivated and give you more energy to accomplish more of your goals.


Even just finding ways to walk more often can have a positive affect on your physical health. If you’re working a sedentary job, you can get extra steps by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking during your breaks, and meeting with coworkers in person instead of messaging them online.


The hardest aspect of developing healthy habits is the "habit" part. It's easy to say that you're going to run in the morning if nothing is holding you accountable for that. Write down a specific fitness routine catered to your goals, whether that be weight loss, stamina increase, or perhaps a weight lifting target. Most importantly, hold yourself to the routine somehow. Have a close friend or partner check in on your progress or even work out with you. 


Some habits are easier to establish than others. For instance, standing tall is something we may not think about when it comes to improving one’s posture. When you stand tall, the spine is in a neutral position, shoulders are back, and the chin is parallel to the floor, all of which helps to evenly distribute your weight and minimize the strain on your muscles and joints. As evidenced by websites like HowTallHeight discussing celebrity heights, tallness does indeed matter!


Starting a journey of self-improvement is never easy, especially with the demands of society today. Committing to the first steps and developing healthy habits like walking more often, decluttering, and establishing work-life balance will have you reaching your goals before you know it.


Alora brings the transformative power of cold water therapy to your doorstep, at a price that won't break the bank. Shop online today or contact us for more information!

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