Cold Water Therapy Tub

The Alora Cold Plunge Tub is an ideal option for those who want to try cold water therapy at home. This specially designed tub allows you to immerse your entire body in cold water, making it easier to experience the benefits of cold therapy.

The Alora Cold Water Therapy Recovery Pod™ is a completely portable, insulated unit that features a new outer layer with five layers of thermal insulation made of TPE material to maintain consistent water temperature and can fit in many indoor and outdoor spaces. It's also easy to use and can be filled with water quickly and efficiently.


* 80cm diameter.
* 75cm height.
* 300 litre capacity.
* 3.5kg weight empty.
* 303kg weight full.
* Suitable heights up to 6'7" (2m tall).
* 5 x thermal insulated TPE layers.
* Rip-stop Polyester fabric strengthened external layer.
* UV resistant skin-friendly PVC inner lining.